Child in a Bear Costume

About our Story

Every company has an origin story as to why they started, with certain goals such as wealth, to leave a legacy for their children’s children or to leave their mark in the world.

SK Training and Development was inspired by my beautiful daughter.

In 2014 after she had turned one she suffered from febrile convulsion, after experiencing rapid body temperature change. My wife panicked and I knew I had to take control of the situation when we had discovered she was not breathing. Due to lack of oxygen, she had started to turn blue and I had a feeling that if nothing was done there and then she would die.I did the only thing that seemed appropriate and that was CPR. Thank God, the CPR was successful and paramedics strongly advised that she be observed in hospital.

After this ordeal I no longer felt like I was the parent that had all bases covered, which then introduced a sense of vulnerability. Due to this, I developed a passion for First Aid.

 - Adrian Sevume - 

Child in a Bear Costume