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“I heard it through the grapevine”

Who would ever think that grapes can be one of the most hazardous foods to children?

Let us focus on an elastic cartilage in our throats called the epiglottis, its function is to cover the wind pipe when you swallow. An adult’s epiglottis is well developed and knows when to open or close unlike a baby’s.

Bearing in mind that the baby’s epiglottis is not fully formed, it may fail to perform optimally as they eat. Besides, their larynx is a perfect fit for a grape to get stuck. So for those who like to feed their young child grapes, cut them in half before giving it to them regardless of how well your child eats. Prevention is the cure to most things in the world of First Aid.

“The truth is hard to swallow, when you're choking on pride" Author unknown

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